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When things go wrong..really wrong: Germanwings Plane Crash

It comes with great shock today to learn that the Germanwings plane that crashed this week was an intentional act by the co-pilot.  It is hard to accept that someone so callous would do something so horrendous and take the lives of innocent people.  There is no way that one can know for sure what was going through this man’s mind at the time he made this decision to take the plane down.  And there is no way of knowing if those onboard knew what was going to be their fate, other than the screams that were recorded on the black box.  All we can know for certain is that there are a great deal of families who today are trying to come to grips with the loss of their loved ones.

How do we as travel professionals ever explain such a bad scenario as this?  How do we explain to those who choose to travel that this is a rare happening and that air travel in and of itself is safe?  How can we, move forward and get back on the travel bandwagon and presume it to be safe?

These and many more questions will arise out of this tragedy.  I do not wish to ponder the why’s and the what for at this point.  I only wish to honor those who lost their lives as well as pray for those who lost their loved ones.

I hope if nothing else, that Lufthansa (the parent company of Germanwings) as well as other European carriers implement new policies that make the pilots and passengers safer.

My condolences to those who are suffering from their loss.

Safe journey,


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Travel delays and how not to go crazy!

If you are a frequent traveler, then travel delays are inevitable.  Winter travel can be especially treacherous given the amount of snow the northeast U.S. has had this winter alone.  Add to that travel conditions in other parts of the world and that spells  d-e-l-a-y.

It is a known fact that if you are someone who has the expectation that not all will go 100% as planned, then it can be somewhat less stressful and disappointing if something out of the ordinary occurs.  Knowing this fact alone, does not change the situation when you are faced with delays.  And unfortunately, one travel delay only adds to the outcome when it involves other airline carriers besides the primary carrier.

I recently experienced weather related delay on my last trip.  Keflavik (Iceland) airport had to close due to extreme weather conditions and consequently cancelled my primary flight home from Oslo through Keflavik.  I found out the night prior to travel.  I spent over four hours on the phone trying to reach Icelandair to change my travel plans to the following day.  After I completed the transaction I had to contact United Airlines which was my final connection home.  I must mention that both airlines were quite accommodating in getting us home the next day.  I was fortunate in that I had one more day built into my plans that allowed me to come home later than planned without any consequences such as missed work or school.

Not everyone is as fortunate as I was in getting this to happen the following day with few disruptions.  One thing I always do that I suggest others do is to purchase a travel protection plan.  No one likes insurance per say as it is a gamble.  I prefer to be safe rather than sorry.  For the nominal fee I paid, it was worth it.  I am able to make a claim that will pay for my extra night at the hotel, meals, and fare differential that I had to pay.  For me, travel protection plan is a peace of mind when traveling great distances.

In addition, I think it is essential when traveling far to pack extra medicine as well as extra underwear!  I had just enough meds to get me through the extra night.  However, on future trips I will plan to take a few days extra.  And well, it should go without saying that clean underwear is an essential!  Of course, you can wash out what you have already used, but I have a personal preference for clean, unused!

Another tip I think is important when dealing with delays, is to plan ahead.  What I mean by this is to consider on your next trip, what would happen should I be delayed for an extra day or two?  Would I need a back up plan for work?  Or for pet care, child care, etc?  It is something I definitely will implement for my next travels.

Do you have any tips you might want to share of what to do in planning for trip delays?  If so, please let me know!

Safe journeys,


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