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According to, wanderlust means to have  “a strong, innate desire to rove or travel about.”    In this particular instance I am sick with ‘wanderlust!’  I desire to travel when I am not traveling.  Exploration of new places and meeting new people is very enticing to me.  I never quite considered myself to be ‘adventuresome,’ however, in some sense I am adventurous to have the courage to travel to new places and explore new territory.  

What entices me to travel is not only the experience of getting to a new land, but also the idea that I get to see something I have never seen before.  Like a newborn who opens his or her eyes for the first time and sees their mother or father, travel to foreign places is a similar experience for me.  There is renewed excitement and anticipation, unforeseen thoughts pop into my head, and I become like a small child who craves the taste of chocolate over and over again.

Visiting new lands and meeting culturally different people than myself sparks my brain cells into a display of fireworks going off in my head.   The implosion of information and sights leaves me feeling as if I ran a marathon of sorts.  I am renewed with a zest for life unlike anything I have ever experienced before.

I crave travel.  I breathe, eat, smell, sleep and desire travel experiences.  I am akin to an addict who craves his or her favorite drug.  For me, travel is my drug and I choose to travel for the ‘high’ it gives me.  Nothing else can compare to this ‘high’ like travel.

Are you sick with wanderlust?  Do you crave new experiences and new journeys?  What are your favorite places that you lust for?

Safe journey,


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