Doc Cannabis and finding nemoland

Got arthritis? ADHD? Or perhaps you suffer from chronic pain? Whatever the ailment, be sure to see Doc Cannabis the sign in Christiana reads.  This is the weird and wonderful world of  Christiana.   In Christiana, drugs rule, while fools drool.

As I stroll down the street in this tiny town, I am transported back in time to  hippies, flower power, peace, and drugs.  A pair of men carrying garbage bags walks past me stopping at each garbage can to collect cans and bottles for cash.  Meanwhile, in the middle of  metropolis “nemoland” sits an open booth of free clothes for those in need of warmth.

i walk further through the winding trail and breathe in the heavy odor of pot.   This is a totally different side of Danish happiness than what the studies talk of  Small shacks of tin houses line the dirt trail as I walk further into this colony of no rules, and open living unlike any I have ever experienced.  This is a world one can live according to ones desire without consequences or law.  Christiana is peace and happiness.

I walk in in amazement with a smile on my face. I have never seen anything like this. I do not judge nor criticize, only absorb this lifestyle as it is.  I am in awe at this lifestyle and how little these people have. Yet, without all the luxuries in life they appear content and at peace with the choices they have made.

Peace be with you,


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Finding my hygge in copenhagen

imageimageimageFlying from the U.S. To Europe seems like it takes forever to arrive.  In reality, it was a quick 5.5 hour flight from Washington to Iceland. I was totally unprepared for the frigid air that stung my face when I walked outside to cross the parking lot to my day hotel. Give me a break, after all I am from Florida! I was expecting cold but not quite Iceland cold. After a quick shower, hot breakfast at the airport hotel, before I knew it I trudged back through the frigid air while the snow flurries stung my face! Refreshing!!

It was a 3 hour flight from Iceland to Copenhagen. Upon arrival we quickly found the train station, and rode 15 minutes to Copenhagen central.   If you have been following me, you will recall we rented an apartment in Vesterbro from air bnb. As we walked from the station relief came over me as we walked down Istegrade away from the station.  I was relieved it was not pitch dark and that it was not deserted as I had expected.  It was odd arriving at our building and ringing the neighbor to let us in.

A very kind young lady and her small child handed over the keys and let us in to our rented home away from home. It could not have been more beautiful!  Our host could not have been more accommodating!

today we awoke on a search for my hygge.  Stop one – hygge at local coffee shop with Emalie as our barista. A most delicious cortado was had, then onward to the train station.

Next stop: Malmo Sweden…for more hygge ( is it still considered hygge is you are in Sweden?)  Hey, hey they said at the coffee shop for  taste of chocolate cake and cinnamon bun in all places, a vinyl store. after some shopping and serious walking throughout town, there is nothing better than a stop at Bullen For some Swedish meatballs, the “best in the world” said our waiter. They lived up to his claim.

On the way back to Copenhagen I enjoyed my own personal “hygge” moment on the train, as I felt a sense of peace and serenity wash over me  in an indescribable way. Welcome to Copenhagen, land of happiness and hygge!

Safe journey!

P.S. My hair straightener from home does not fit in my adaptor, ugh, what’s a girl to do? The plug seems wider than the adaptor, anyone have a solution for me??


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‘Twas the Day Before Travel

‘Twas the day before travel and I awoke with a clatter – or was it my cat’s patter?!

For me, the day before I travel is often filled with great excitement and anticipation for the journey I am about to embark on.  My brain is overflowing with what tasks I must finish before the day is over as well as what I need  to prepare for tomorrow’s flight.  Are the kids going to have enough food?  Are the cats going to be fed?  Who will take out the trash and get the mail while I am gone?  Oh, and a big one around here -who will do the laundry while I am away?  Ha!

The reality of all this is that no matter how much I pre-plan or how much I worry about what will or will not get done – in the end, it is all insignificant as I am about to be rewarded with a wonderful journey.

I must constantly remind myself to be mindful of this moment, and as distracted as I may be, I must remain cognizant of the fact that all this pre-planning is a part of my journey and I must not ignore it.  I tell myself to take the good with the bad, enjoy the moment as it is what it is.

When I board my flight tomorrow, all this brain-flutter will be behind me and I will be able to concentrate on what is before me.  I consider myself fortunate to be able to visit new lands, experience the culture, people, and places I will visit.

I look forward with anticipation when I step off the plane in Iceland on Friday morning.  And I am even more excited over seeing my new digs I got from Airbnb in Copenhagen!

Any ideas or suggestions of what I might see or do in Copenhagen or Reykjavik?  Can a Floridian (such as myself) be brave enough to dip into the waters at the Blue Lagoon in freezing weather?

Safe journeys,


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Denmark: Happiest nation in the world

According to the World Happiness Report, Danes are ranked as the happiest people in the world.  So what really makes the Danish so happy?  Well, some say it is in their DNA.  Perhaps happiness does breed happiness, but genetically speaking, how logical is it to say we carry a happiness gene in our genetic makeup?

Happiness can be quite subjective, so I am curious to know just how these studies were conducted that concluded who are the happiest and who are unhappy.  In American culture, happiness is often concluded based upon one’s haves versus have nots.  Success often equates to happiness and so does one’s socio-economic status.

In Denmark, this is not the case as I understand it.  The Danes are mindful people as a whole.  What I mean is that they are present-minded people who focus on the here and now versus being future oriented as we Americans often are.  Danes take great pleasure in every ordinary day and have learned to be happy with what they have in the present moment.  This is known in Denmark as “hygge” (pronounced hue-guh).  Hygge is inviting closeness into ones life and paying close attention to what matters most in the moment.  Almost anything can be considered hygge according to the Danish.  Having coffee at a cafe is hygge.  Riding a bike is hygge.  Enjoying a conversation with a friend is also hygge.

Too often life is spent chasing what we do not have but want.  I too am often guilty of wanting more than I have.  I hope to take a lesson from the Danish as I travel to Denmark in the next week in search of my own hygge!  Instead of bringing back a trinket or two, I would like to bring back my own sense of happiness for what I have as well as a greater enjoyment out of living life in the present moment.

What is your hygge?

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Packing is a strategy that some of us get and some of us don’t!  No matter which way you look at it, the point is to get your clothes from point A to point B and to do so with comfort and ease.

For myself, I have had plenty of practice packing over the 30 plus years I have been a traveler.  And I must add that with age comes wisdom.  Well, somewhat!  I still have my moments where I over-pack and underestimate my clothing attire.

Since I am what I consider a frequent traveler, I keep a bag packed with travel size toiletries and must have makeup.  This way, I never forget what I consider to be my essentials.  I pack my “liquids” in the TSA standard quart size bag, and the rest in my cosmetic bag.  If traveling overseas, as I am about to do, I also pack a small zippered bag with my on-flight essentials, such as hand lotion, sleeping mask, etc.

From there, it is crucial to determine what the weather will be at your destination as well as the activities you plan to participate in.  For my upcoming trip, I will be doing a great deal of flights, train travel, and mostly just touring and getting to know my surroundings.  I will be in cold to extremely cold (coming from a Floridian, cold being 40 degrees F and extremely cold under 30!) weather, some rain, some snow.

I begin by setting aside my pants, shirts, and sweaters.  I then determine if there is anything that I can utilize for more than one attire and if so what might I be able to eliminate.  I know this all sounds like common sense to some people, but I know for some, there is little to no organization involved in packing.

Finally, how do you get it all to fit in the suitcase?  You can fold, roll, or just throw it all in.  My personal preference is to roll.  I find that by rolling my clothes I am able to squeeze in more as well as layer the clothes I have inside the suitcase.  I also like to keep my socks together in one place as well as my underwear so I can have it accessible when needed.

So here are a few things for you to consider:

1. Do you roll, or fold your clothes?  What is your personal packing strategy?

2. What items do you take with you no matter where you travel?

3.  How do you decide what to take and what to leave home?

And finally, do you have any personal tips that perhaps most people do not think of that could be helpful when packing?

As always – safe journeys!

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Hello world!

Enrich: to improve or enhance the quality of

I believe that travel enriches our life and teaches us to be kind, compassionate, and connected to others.

Travel is educational in ways that text-books cannot teach us.  By reading a book about the world, one can only gain a limited amount of knowledge about the location or its people.  By traveling, one learns by gaining knowledge from personal experience that broadens one’s horizons, provide limitless perceptions of life, and creates unforgettable connections with others.  You get to see, taste, hear, and smell your new surroundings that a book lacks.

This blog is for those who not only wish to read about my experiences in the world, but also for those who wish to have their own experiences and enrich ones own life.  I will share with you not only my travels, but also tips on how you can explore various destinations and how to create your own journey in life.

My biggest pet peeve in life is when I hear someone say “someday” I will travel.  Well guess what?  That “someday” is today!  We have but one life to live – so be sure to live life to its fullest each and every day!

Wishing you a safe journey,


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