To Travel is to Live

world is a book I have often wondered why some individuals do not choose to travel.  I know for some, travel is expensive and thus not within the budget.  I also know that for some, routine is what makes some individuals happy, so even the thought of anything outside their ‘normal’ routine is not acceptable.  Further, I know that some have no desire to travel.  And some are fearful and do they have the courage to step outside their comfort zone into new and unexplored territory.  Of course, there are those who have never in their life set foot on an airplane nor have any inkling how to plan a trip.  Whatever, the reason behind not traveling, I find that it puts some individuals at a disadvantage in life.


collect memories Every human being has his or her own way of going through this journey called life.  For myself, I prefer to have experiences that influence who I am and how I relate to my world.  I cherish the times I travel with loved ones to faraway lands.  As the image states, I “collect memories” and not things.  I would rather spend my hard-earned money on feeling connected to others and sharing my experiences.  Unlike myself, many Americans spend more of their money on material things to make themselves feel good.  I make no judgement here as what works for one does not work for others.  I simply appreciate my shared experiences more than what I own or not own.  I do not care if I drive the most expensive car, nor do I care if I live in a humongous house.  I care more about feeling good from what I see and where I go.  I guess I am more of an emotional creature and moved by my emotions in life rather than caring whether I am living up to someone else’s standards or not.  I also do not care whether I have money left at the end of my life or not.  I care more about what I do with my money and who I share it with while I can still enjoy it.

I have said it before however it is worth repeating many times over, travel broadens one’s horizons and makes them a better person.  Better how?  Better in respect to being open and understanding of other’s cultures and ways of life.  Travel creates open-minded, intelligent individuals in a way that a travel book does not.  These unique life experiences in other lands opens the mind up to acceptance, and compassion for others in the world.  Those who do not travel often are narrow-minded and cannot see beyond their rose-colored glasses.  This is not to say that all individuals are narrow-minded, rather, many cannot fathom a world outside of their own spectrum.

ones destination

Travel is exciting!  Just as a kid in a candy store for the first time, travel is just as enticing and delightful!  Seeing things for the first time adds to the excitement and takes one’s senses to new heights!  Think back to childhood, every time you saw, or tasted, or smelled something for the first time, you were renewed with feelings you never before experienced.  Travel does this as well.  Travel enhances one’s emotions and feelings and brings a sense of renewed life into a boring routine.  What once may have been is now renewed and hopeful and opens new ways of looking at the world we exist in.

i travel alot  We only have one journey in life.  Why subject ourselves to the same routine day in and day out?  Why not explore this amazing world we were given and travel to new destinations beyond our present reach?  Imagine, explore and reach for new experiences!

Where would you go if there were no obstacles in life to get there?

Safe journeys,



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2 thoughts on “To Travel is to Live

  1. I agree with you 100% ! If there were no obstacles in life that would hinder travel, I would probably be almost out of places to see because I would never stop exploring. It’s a great idea to travel young because the older you get, the more those pesky responsibilities make travelling harder (but not impossible!!). 🙂

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  2. Great post Debbie 🙂 Very inspiring. I would go to the different planets if that was an option and life didn’t stop me too.


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