When things go wrong..really wrong: Germanwings Plane Crash

It comes with great shock today to learn that the Germanwings plane that crashed this week was an intentional act by the co-pilot.  It is hard to accept that someone so callous would do something so horrendous and take the lives of innocent people.  There is no way that one can know for sure what was going through this man’s mind at the time he made this decision to take the plane down.  And there is no way of knowing if those onboard knew what was going to be their fate, other than the screams that were recorded on the black box.  All we can know for certain is that there are a great deal of families who today are trying to come to grips with the loss of their loved ones.

How do we as travel professionals ever explain such a bad scenario as this?  How do we explain to those who choose to travel that this is a rare happening and that air travel in and of itself is safe?  How can we, move forward and get back on the travel bandwagon and presume it to be safe?

These and many more questions will arise out of this tragedy.  I do not wish to ponder the why’s and the what for at this point.  I only wish to honor those who lost their lives as well as pray for those who lost their loved ones.

I hope if nothing else, that Lufthansa (the parent company of Germanwings) as well as other European carriers implement new policies that make the pilots and passengers safer.

My condolences to those who are suffering from their loss.

Safe journey,


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