Planes, trains, and cars,oh my! Oslo to Voss Norway

Early settlers may have considered themselves lucky to get from one location to another by horse and buggy or other means of transport.  What might have taken days or even weeks in the past takes only hours in the present.  For many, myself included, transportation is a necessity as well as a nuisance that is often taken for granted.

I have traveled many  milesimage this week to get to my present destination in Norway.  Four days ago I flew from Tampa to Washington Dulles airport, followed by a flight through Iceland to end in Oslo.  That’s a total of 10.5 hours of flying to travel thousands of miles!!!

imageAfter a good nights sleep in Oslo, I boarded the morning train for  4.5 hour ride from Oslo to Myrdal. I was amazed by the beauty of Norway from her pristine greens to her whitest whites of the countryside. One minute it was grey skies followed by blue, then blizzard like conditions s the elevation climbed and the temperatures dropped.

In Myrdal I climbed aboard the Flam railway for a short 30 minute ride to Flam where the boat was waiting to sail through the Fjords.  This voyage was surreal. It felt as if time stood still as we cruised to Gudvangen in 2 hours. Along the way I saw quaint homes on hilltops in the middle of nowhere. Further along, the captain spotted a few reindeer staring at us as we stared at them.  I was mesmerized by the bigger than life fjords. I kept repeating “wow” like a child who sees something for the first time. My senses were on overwhelm as I took it all in.

From Gudvangen I caught a bus for the one hour ride to Voss. In Voss I grabbed a taxi for a 30 minute drive to Myrkdalen. The snow was piled nearly six feet! Coming from Florida this was quite exciting to see such a sight. Finally, my travels were over for the night as I took a room at the beautiful Myrkdalen hotel. My balcony opened over the ski hill and I could barely contain myself at the sight of the cabins up and down the hill with snow piled half way to the roof!

The next day I boarded the ski bus back to Voss for another 1.5 hour train to Bergen.  I walked along the streets with the young skiers as they returned home. I felt as if I were accompanying future Olympic skiers!

Tomorrow I have my final train back to Oslo in 6.5 hours. I cannot even imagine the miles I have covered on this trip. I have learned that transportation is not only a means for getting from one place to another, but it is also a unique way to see the world.  I still have many more miles to go to return back to the states. With the aid of transportation I was able to explore the beauty of this great country and appreciate the journey.

Safe journeys, Debbie

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