Thanks for the pat down TSA!

Traveling can be very stressful.  But I often ask myself what is more stressful than going through security at the airport?

If you are observant as I am, I find that there are no standards in each airport in each country.  Some say remove your shoes, some don’t.  Some say take our your laptop, but not your i-pad, while others want both the i-pad and laptop removed.

Some, make you go through the machine where you “put your hands up” like a police would ask if you are in trouble with the law.  And at other times, you simply walk through and look at the TSA rep in a manner such as to say, “did I pass?”

Some TSA representatives are serious as heck, while others are light-hearted and jovial.  In Iceland, I had a TSA agent ask me quite seriously if I had security clearance for my bags (prior to going through the line)?  I was alarmed!  I panicked!  I had no clue what he was referring to when it finally clicked – he was joking with me and no such thing existed!  Grrr – don’t play with me TSA agent as I am already stressed enough going through security!

On my way home from this last trip, I was stopped by TSA and asked to stand aside.  What?  I already removed my shoes, my belt, emptied my pockets, and taken off everything I could think of (except my clothes).  I was chosen for the lucky pat-down.  Stick your arms out, separate your legs and let the agent do her thing.  When she was done I actually heard myself thank her!  I thanked a lady for patting me down – how ridiculous that sounded!!!

This is the world we now live in.  Pat downs, liquids in a baggie, and enhanced security.  I miss the old days when getting there was half the fun.  Now I simply put up with the annoyances of travel to get to my destination safely.

Safe journey,


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