Secret to Danish happiness revealed

During my visit to Copenhagen I made a point of asking everyone I met why? What is this big secret to Danish happiness that everyone talks about?

i am about to reveal the big secret….here goes. The secret is that they have no worries, no stress, no pressure in life.  While sitting in a local coffee shop in Vesterbro, I spoke to a young couple. They tell me the tax rate is 70 percent of their wages.  As an American I am shocked. As I listen further, the gentleman tells me he ” is happy to give the government his money” and know that he is taken care of for life.  No worries.   Should his job ever fail, no problem, the government takes care of its citizens no matter what the circumstances in life what they have rather than .

I think about this long after I leave the coffee shop.  I think about the pressures of life in America and how everyone is out for themselves.   I think long and hard about big corporations, the greed in America and how Americans live by what they have .rather than by their experiences in life. I recognize that the Danish lifestyle is more easy going, and stresses living a good happy life, while Americans stress having bigger and better possessions as a way of expressing ones success or happiness.

I walk away from this experience with a greater appreciation for experiences over possessions and am thankful for being able to personally be where I am right get now.

Safe journeys, Debbie

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