Doc Cannabis and finding nemoland

Got arthritis? ADHD? Or perhaps you suffer from chronic pain? Whatever the ailment, be sure to see Doc Cannabis the sign in Christiana reads.  This is the weird and wonderful world of  Christiana.   In Christiana, drugs rule, while fools drool.

As I stroll down the street in this tiny town, I am transported back in time to  hippies, flower power, peace, and drugs.  A pair of men carrying garbage bags walks past me stopping at each garbage can to collect cans and bottles for cash.  Meanwhile, in the middle of  metropolis “nemoland” sits an open booth of free clothes for those in need of warmth.

i walk further through the winding trail and breathe in the heavy odor of pot.   This is a totally different side of Danish happiness than what the studies talk of  Small shacks of tin houses line the dirt trail as I walk further into this colony of no rules, and open living unlike any I have ever experienced.  This is a world one can live according to ones desire without consequences or law.  Christiana is peace and happiness.

I walk in in amazement with a smile on my face. I have never seen anything like this. I do not judge nor criticize, only absorb this lifestyle as it is.  I am in awe at this lifestyle and how little these people have. Yet, without all the luxuries in life they appear content and at peace with the choices they have made.

Peace be with you,


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