Finding my hygge in copenhagen

imageimageimageFlying from the U.S. To Europe seems like it takes forever to arrive.  In reality, it was a quick 5.5 hour flight from Washington to Iceland. I was totally unprepared for the frigid air that stung my face when I walked outside to cross the parking lot to my day hotel. Give me a break, after all I am from Florida! I was expecting cold but not quite Iceland cold. After a quick shower, hot breakfast at the airport hotel, before I knew it I trudged back through the frigid air while the snow flurries stung my face! Refreshing!!

It was a 3 hour flight from Iceland to Copenhagen. Upon arrival we quickly found the train station, and rode 15 minutes to Copenhagen central.   If you have been following me, you will recall we rented an apartment in Vesterbro from air bnb. As we walked from the station relief came over me as we walked down Istegrade away from the station.  I was relieved it was not pitch dark and that it was not deserted as I had expected.  It was odd arriving at our building and ringing the neighbor to let us in.

A very kind young lady and her small child handed over the keys and let us in to our rented home away from home. It could not have been more beautiful!  Our host could not have been more accommodating!

today we awoke on a search for my hygge.  Stop one – hygge at local coffee shop with Emalie as our barista. A most delicious cortado was had, then onward to the train station.

Next stop: Malmo Sweden…for more hygge ( is it still considered hygge is you are in Sweden?)  Hey, hey they said at the coffee shop for  taste of chocolate cake and cinnamon bun in all places, a vinyl store. after some shopping and serious walking throughout town, there is nothing better than a stop at Bullen For some Swedish meatballs, the “best in the world” said our waiter. They lived up to his claim.

On the way back to Copenhagen I enjoyed my own personal “hygge” moment on the train, as I felt a sense of peace and serenity wash over me  in an indescribable way. Welcome to Copenhagen, land of happiness and hygge!

Safe journey!

P.S. My hair straightener from home does not fit in my adaptor, ugh, what’s a girl to do? The plug seems wider than the adaptor, anyone have a solution for me??


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