Packing is a strategy that some of us get and some of us don’t!  No matter which way you look at it, the point is to get your clothes from point A to point B and to do so with comfort and ease.

For myself, I have had plenty of practice packing over the 30 plus years I have been a traveler.  And I must add that with age comes wisdom.  Well, somewhat!  I still have my moments where I over-pack and underestimate my clothing attire.

Since I am what I consider a frequent traveler, I keep a bag packed with travel size toiletries and must have makeup.  This way, I never forget what I consider to be my essentials.  I pack my “liquids” in the TSA standard quart size bag, and the rest in my cosmetic bag.  If traveling overseas, as I am about to do, I also pack a small zippered bag with my on-flight essentials, such as hand lotion, sleeping mask, etc.

From there, it is crucial to determine what the weather will be at your destination as well as the activities you plan to participate in.  For my upcoming trip, I will be doing a great deal of flights, train travel, and mostly just touring and getting to know my surroundings.  I will be in cold to extremely cold (coming from a Floridian, cold being 40 degrees F and extremely cold under 30!) weather, some rain, some snow.

I begin by setting aside my pants, shirts, and sweaters.  I then determine if there is anything that I can utilize for more than one attire and if so what might I be able to eliminate.  I know this all sounds like common sense to some people, but I know for some, there is little to no organization involved in packing.

Finally, how do you get it all to fit in the suitcase?  You can fold, roll, or just throw it all in.  My personal preference is to roll.  I find that by rolling my clothes I am able to squeeze in more as well as layer the clothes I have inside the suitcase.  I also like to keep my socks together in one place as well as my underwear so I can have it accessible when needed.

So here are a few things for you to consider:

1. Do you roll, or fold your clothes?  What is your personal packing strategy?

2. What items do you take with you no matter where you travel?

3.  How do you decide what to take and what to leave home?

And finally, do you have any personal tips that perhaps most people do not think of that could be helpful when packing?

As always – safe journeys!

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